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My new dance blog project starts now

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Hello fellow dancers out there,

OMG, I’m so excited. I pushed the button. My new dance blog The Other Dancer is online. Finally. I still can’t believe that I’m doing this. But I do. Ha. I set up my new blog. My very own dance blog.

Pushed the button

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Kathi Zegers (@dancekathidance) am

From now on I will write about the thing that I love most: DANCING. Neither will this blog be limited to one specific dance style, nor is it a blog for professional dancers. (Although of course they are very welcome here as well).

It is about my dance journey, about the dancers, teachers and artists that inspires me and of course about topics that bother me on my journey.

This blog is for people that simply follow their passion: dancing

There are so many ideas and role models about who a dancer is, how a dancer’s body should look like, which clothes you have to wear or even worse –  which dance you are allowed to dance at what age. I’m sick of it – FULL STOP.

Therefore I called the blog “The Other Dancer”…

“I truly believe that letting music into your body makes you a different person. It’s not about perfection. It’s about connection. This is what everyone can do because every body can dance.”

If you want to read more about the intention and about my very own turbulent dance journey til now, check this out.

Monday Danceletter – a Newsletter Full of Dance Inspiration

Besides my own articles on the blog, I see so many other good articles, topics, videos that inspire and challenge me as a dancer. And this is what I want to share and – of course – discuss that with you.

So, from now on EVERY MONDAY  I’ll send out my brand new DANCELETTER – a newsletter that is full of inspiring dance content.

If you want to start the week like me with a little dance inspiration, just sign up here. I swear I only send out inspiring stuff, no spam, nada.

Since this newsletter is totally new, I’m soooo looking forward to your feedback. What is missing? What are your wishes? What do you like? What not? You can always write me an email kathi@theotherdancer or send me a message on facebook or Instagram.

So, let’s start this and get inspired! And don’t forget – every body can dance!




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