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Learning Salsa in Berlin – Teachers I recommend

I’ve been living in Berlin for 17 years and believe me – this city is awesome. It has always offered me something new to learn and unsurprisingly after 17 years of non-dancing it brought me back to dancing. My salsa journey didn’t start in Cuba, New York or Colombia – it started in Berlin – so I thought it makes total sense to write about the salsa teachers I know and recommend. Just in case someone wants to become a Berlin salsero/a like me 🙂

Before I start I want to make something clear here: Getting along with a teacher is always a very personal thing. So the mentioned teaches are the ones I like.  I also believe in people aka teachers and not in schools but of course I will mention the schools where they are teaching.

This post has an open end. Once I make new salsa experiences in Berlin I will add them here. But you have to start somewhere, right? 

So, let’s do it. 

Alejandro Peca – Salsero Colombiano

Alejandro has been my first salsa teacher and I couldn’t be more lucky than starting with him. He teaches mainly salsa LA style at the Cumbancha Dance School in Berlin Kreuzberg. For the beginners he offers regularly salsa beginner bootcamp to get started.

On Sunday the more advanced dancers can improve their skills at the Sunday Latin Dance Lounge. When I am in Berlin you’ll find me there. Cumbancha offers also a lot of other very good classes to start learning salsa but for me it has always been the classes of Alejandro that pushed me to another level. First teacher and so. Ha ha. 

What’s so special?

He always starts the classes with nice shines, footwork, some pachanga moves before continuing with partner work. If you wanna switch to on2, he will make it easy for you. If you wanna improve your cha cha skills, he loves it. I love that he is including various salsa styles in his classes. 

To get an idea about his teaching – here an intermediate pattern with Mikaela (and me in the background filming ha ha) 

Get in touch with Alejandro here


La Mikaela – Nordic Elegant Cuban Style 

Originally from Denmark Mika ended up somehow in Berlin and lucky us – Berlin had a new great salsa teacher.  I attended LA and lady styling classes with her but I figured her focus in teaching is definitely Cuban salsa. She teaches at various schools and also every Sunday with Fismo at Soda Club (class is for free – check it out).

What’s so special?

Gee, I’ve learnt a lot from that women. She dances with such an elegancy, her body movements are so smooth and graceful. Although I have a very different body type I could adapt a lot from her styling.

I also think Mikaela is a perfect teacher when you start with the whole salsa thing. She explains everything so well, is laughing a lot and you feel directly more confident while counting 1.2.3 .. 5.6.7.

Mika was also the only teacher I actually enjoyed a Rueda once in my life. (This Rueda thing is really not my thing). Anyhow, she creates a wonderful atmosphere while teaching and I highly recommend her.

Get in touch with Mika here

Fismo Kuba – ¡Monta, que te quedas!

Fismo is Cuban, so there is no question about what style you can expect here. Every Sunday you can attend his beginners class at Soda Club. The good thing: you will also get to know Mikaela. But he also teaches regularly at Aziza – his famous “cuban movement training” and also regular Cuban salsa classes.

What’s so special?

When I came back from dancing in Colombia I was caught in a cultural shock. Berlin is not really famous for its friendliness.  Attending his classes was the right medicine. This man is 100 percent Cuban. I’ve never had so much fun in a salsa or movement class. And I learnt a lot from him, especially when it comes to body movement.

These Cubans can move their shoulders and hips, you wouldn’t believe it. And the people – aka his “family” –  dancing there are so open-minded. Once you get to know them you will meet them in the clubs in Berlin. This group is a really good start to enter social dancing in Berlin – especially when you are afraid of going social dancing alone. I really liked the vibe there. So,¡monta que te quedas !

Here you can see him at the Afro Cuban Festival with the lovely Sarah I talk about later. Check out also his instagram to get an idea how much fun his regular movement classes are.

Get in touch with Fismo here


Silvia Lorenzo – The Spanish Salsera

Silvia Lorenzo is teaching Salsa On1 & On2 at Dolce Vita Dance but also at other schools. She gives special workshops in body movement, spinning technique or dancing on heels ON2. But the best is yet to come. Silvia has also her own performance project where she trains amateurs intensively for a performance.

It is a choreography by the famous Tania Cannarsa – so everyone who loves her needs to join Silvias project. Even if you don’t want to perform, you can still join the training and how I know Silvia – you will improve a lot. It’s somehow sad that I’ve fallen in love with Cali because otherwise I would definitely join this project here. Check it out here on facebook!  

What’s so special?

Believe me this Spanish salsera is amazing. I had great body movement and spinning workshops with her and needless to say that I learnt a lot. She is such an open-minded, friendly person, always smiling and even when the spinning doesn’t work at all, she will guide you and make sure that you understand that this is a process.

When I did workshops with her I always took out a lot from it. Most of the workshops are ON2 which scared me in the beginning. But she makes it so easy and accessible – your doubts will vanish the minute she starts teaching.

Get in touch with Silvia here


Join us in our Ladies Styling class every Monday & Wednesday 19.30pm @ Academia Jangada Berlin, Schönhauser Allee, 36 KULTURBRAUEREIWe focus on rhythm, bodymovement, coordination, musicality & a lot of flavor! All you need to enjoy on the dance floor, because above all… WE LOVE SOCIAL DANCING!

Posted by Dolce Vita Dance on Donnerstag, 22. Juni 2017

Sarah Balzat – The Power Mambo Lady

Sarah is teaching salsa (ON2 mostly, but she teaches of course all styles as you can see in the video with fismo) at various schools aaaaaaand she also has her own performance project. The Yerba Buena Dance Community is her baby where nearly all my salsa dancing friends are gathering. She also teaches afro jazz and a lot of movement classes, but her real love is Mambo, baby.

What’s so special?

I must admit that I never had classes with Sarah and it was mostly a me-being-in-Colombia thing. But as I said ALL my salsa friends dancing with her and from the performances I’ve seen I can tell you:  it is incredible what kind of energy she creates. I saw beginners starting training with her and she pushed them to a level – gee, I couldn’t believe it.

I simply know that she is an amazing teacher. Her concept of teaching seems to be so precise, so full of positive energy, she really wants you to develop – no matter which level you are. So either you go to her free classes or you join the Yerba Buena Community. If I were in Berlin, this is the other performance project I would definitely join.

Here you can see her dancing which I love. But check out her other videos – especially from the Yerba Buena performances. They are awesome.

Get in touch with Sarah here


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Posted by Yerba Buena Art Community on Dienstag, 6. Februar 2018

Salsa Unicorns – Salsa Caleña in Berlin

The Salsa Unicorns are a community founded by Camilo & Kathrin. These two fall in love with Salsa Caleña and especially I can’t blame them. They are hosting special salsa caleña workshops where they teach the very special caleña steps.

What’s so special?

Camillo and Kathrin are dear friends of mine and I simply love the fact that they are bringing salsa caleña to Berlin. Their community is still young but full of great people. They go out together, dancing, having fun and practising of course caleña steps on dance floor that are rarely seen in Berlin.

So if you wanna pep up your salsa skills with some caleña moves – this is the place to go.

Get in touch with Kathrin and Camillo here 


Salsa Colombiana Basics by Salsa Unicorns

Salsa Colombiana ist anders und einzigartig!In unserem Basic/Middle Workshop wir ganz von vorne an: Basico Colombiano, Mambo (Dinos) und Punta Talón sind die drei Grundelemente die ihr als erstes bei uns im Workshop lernt! Und so sieht das aus, wenn man das ganz entspannt tanzt! Jetzt anmelden und Salsa Unicorns werden 😉

Posted by Salsa Unicorns on Mittwoch, 20. September 2017



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