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June 17 – Training with Combinacion Rumbera and a little show

After two month in Cali I was hooked. I had to come back to learn more. So I went back to Berlin to organize some stuff and came back in May 2017. I continued my training with Ronald but I also started caleña group training at Combinacion Rumbera.

I loved it there. This school is different. The atmosphere, the training. These are the most amazing people running this school. So open minded, so care taking of everyone who wants to learn salsa. And they are soooo successfull. 2017 they won the Mundial de Salsa here in Cali in many categories. Check it out here – they are spectacular.

Back to ballet at a salsa school in Cali

I also started ballet training there with the fabulous Edwin Quintero  which really helped me a lot. Although I’m right now in Cali and I can’t train with them at the weekend (bc of work) I will definitely go back soon.

My classes with Emilse Montero – a queen of hip movement

I also had some private classes at Combination with Daniel and the fabulous Emilse Montero – who has btw won the Mundial de Salsa last year with her partner Jerson in the category cabaret. Check them out here – they are fabulous.

So here is a video of our training. Basic step again ha ha. But a lot of focus on hip movement.

First little salsa performance after many years of non-dancing

And finally in July we performed at the internal competition of Combinacion Rumbera. This was the first time performing for over 17 years for me and the first time in general with a salsa group. I loved the experience and the improvisation part was fun too.

(Español abajo) After 17 years of not being on stage, it's been nearly 1 year ago where I started dancing again and learned salsa… I'm very glad to experience that moment yesterday with that wonderful group Herencia and this school combinacion rumbera. You are amazing and besides the salsa you Edwin D. Quintero brought me back to ballet 😍😍😍 😘 You are amazing. And of course un beso grande para ti Ronald Parra FOR EVERYTHING. 😘😘So here's the first video with intro on tarkans music (totally improvising in the middle jaja… ) and the group choreography of HERENCIA RUMBERA. 😍😍😍 #combirumbera #interno Hace 17 años fue la última vez que estuve en una escenario. Desde hace casi un año he aprendido salsa. Ayer fue una experiencia demasiado chévere para mi. Este grupo y este escuela son increíble. Gracias a dios por el último día.Ahora esto es el primer video con un parte totalmente improvisada jaja y la show de grupo herencia.

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