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January 18 – Back in Cali, back to training

After nearly four month in Berlin and also four month of non-caleña dancing, finally I went back to Cali. This time for at least 6 month.. So I went back to the typical social dancing places like La Topa here aaaaaaand… Gee… I IMPROVED.  This credit goes definitely to my exzessive (really exzessive, 3-4 times a week) social dancing in Berlin.

I specifically danced a lot of cuban salsa in Berlin which btw I’ve never learnt. But for some reason my salsa caleña training here made me being able to dance cuban style. Well, I guess, in the end it makes totally sense because the calena basic step in social dancing is almost the same as the cuban basic salsa step.

When the real salsa caleña music starts – feet salad galore

Anyhow I started again taking classes with Ronny again and as you can see in the video – every time when he puts the real music on, I fight. I prepare. I think I can win the game. And then again feet salad galore.



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