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Ballet is for everyone and these dancers prove it

Lizzy dance

We live in a world where factors like the size of our bodies, age or the way we are living seem to decide what we is appropriate to do or what isn’t.

The world of dance is sadly no exception here. .

  • Are you allowed to start dancing ballet at the age of 65?
  • Isn’t that problematic for your spine and everything?
  • Or what about body size? A ballet dancer has to be slim and athletic, right?
  • Pirouettes with 120 kg – impossible!

I grew up with these and even more stupid ideas and ideals in my mind. Now I’m mid thirty and 1.5 years ago I started learning salsa and last year I started again taking ballet classes. Crazy, right? No, not at all. You set your own boundaries

So, I will introduce you to inspiring Other Dancers. To people that simply don’t care about standards. These are the artists I identify most with. Let’s start where it all starts: ballet! 

Ballet Dancers Apart from All Standards

First, you have to check out

Erik Cavanaugh.

He is quite famous by now, covered by the media etc. but still – OMG, I love him. Such elegance, such a wonderful ballet dancer.

And what I really like is his hashtag he always uses #dancerscomeinallsize. This is sooo true. Check out his YouTube Channel or follow him on Instagram.

Instagram: @erik_cav5493

Second, may I introduce you to

Madame Suzelle Poole

– a 77 years old ballet dancer that simply never stopped dancing. She was a professional ballet dancer at the Royal Ballet Dance Academy.

The BBC did a wonderful documentary about her and her work. You might think a professional ballet career is over once you hit the 40.

Ha, this amazing lady proofs you wrong. I would give my left finger (how we say in German) for taking part in one of her classes. The BBC format is called “Amazing Human” – and blimey, she is.


Another wonderful example for crashing the so called ballet standards is this young lady

Lizzy Howles.

I follow her since she became famous for her routine which you can see below.

She is only 15 years old and I simply love what she is doing. Her technique is awesome. She became so famous that brands like Capezio work with her. I’m very sure she will have a wonderful dance career. I wish she would have become famous when I was at that age. This would have helped me a lot.

So follow Lizzy on Instagram, her stories are really awesome.

Instagram: @lizzy.dances







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