about this blog

“I truly believe that letting music into your body makes you a different person. It’s not about perfection. It’s about connection.
This is what everyone can do because every body can dance.”


What is The Other Dancer?

The Other Dancer is my blog where I write about the thing I love most: Dancing. Neither it is limited to one specific dance style, nor is this a blog especially made for professional dancers. It is about The Other Dancer – about people like me that simple follow their passion.

I want to grow, I want to develop because this is basically what dancing does to me. And in my experience this happens to everyone who lets music into his/her body. And this is neither a question of age, of experience or the shape of your body. Every body can dance.

Why is it called The Other Dancer?

Because  this blog is not about perfection.  It’s about my dance journey and the dancers, teachers and artists that inspires me.

There are so many ideas and role models about who a dancer is, how a dancer’s body should look like, which clothes you have to wear or even worse –  which dance you are allowed to dance at what age. I’m sick of it – FULL STOP.

Therefore I called the blog “The Other Dancer”. I believe that we have to change our perception because one thing is for sure: Everybody can dance because every body has something special while dancing.

Who am I?

Long story short: I’m a non-professional dancer that writes about what I love.

A little longer? Okay, here’s a little background info.  I started dancing when I was 5 – a typical children’s dance class with a lot of ballet, jazz and musical influences. I continued dancing when I got older but I moved to Berlin when I was 20 and somehow I stopped dancing.

I thought I’m done with that. I would neither have the body nor the experience for a professional career anyway. So I stopped. I lost dancing. Abandoned it. Til 2016.

I was about to go to Colombia for traveling the following winter – initially to improve my Spanish. But everybody knows: Colombians are crazy about salsa. So, I decided to take some salsa classes in Berlin – basically to prevent awkward club situation there.

And there I was again. Summer 2016. Me in a dance class after 15 years of non-dancing. I was 100 percent scared. Scared about the other dancers, the teacher, the music, the mirror (OMG – the mirror). Plus I’ve never danced with a dance partner before in my life. Never.

And to be brutally honest here : The first classes were pure hell. I didn’t understand at all what my dance partner wanted from me. I totally freaked out when my teacher practiced the steps with me in front of the group. Plus my stupid muscles seemed to remember old ballet movements which were not helpful at all while trying to move your hip like a latina.

So after every class I went home by riding a rollercoaster of emotions. The scale reached from being scared, angry, frustrated to 100 percent happiness, satisfaction and this incredible feeling of being connected – again. No matter how frustrated I was, I couldn’t stop going to the classes. So I started my dancing journey again – and it is the most wonderful thing that could have happened to me.

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